Letter to the Kim family

Dear Mrs. Kim,sonny-kim

I know my words will never be a solution of healing for you and your family but I am and will always be sorry for the actions of my son that took your husband’s life. I carry so much weight of guilt surrounding a preventable tragedy and I am so consumed with thoughts of what more could I have done. I didn’t know your husband personally but I’ve heard the stories of people’s lives he impacted and I hope that a piece of his light lives on in everyone he touched. Officer Sonny Kim was a hero to so many and his legacy will be the energy of love to affect the world. I pray his life touches more people in death than it did in life. My heart is so heavy and  will be forever punished with regret. I want you to know personally from me that I honor your husband and in no way through honoring my son have I tried to dishonor Sonny. Your went to work that morning of June 19th with the intent to do his job with the integrity I hear so many people speak of and he will and always be a hero to me as well.

I understand your anger towards my son and it’s well warranted, but I just want you to know from one parent to another that my son was not a monster as he has been made out to be. Trepierre suffered from an illness that wasn’t by any means his fault. His choices he made were terrible and there is no justifying it. My son suffered from a mental illness called PTSD and depression and it was caused from his exposure to chronic domestic violence and severe child abuse. I’ve chosen to take my energies and place it into a space that will hopefully prevent another scenario that happened to our loves ones. I think my biggest regret in all this is knowing it could have been prevented. I can’t do anything to bring either of them back but I can do prevented measures to impact the circumstances that led to the breakdown that allowed a child to grow up in the most dysfunctional environment that led to the choice that took your husband’s life.

Sincerely Yours,

Apologetic Father,


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