Trepierre’s cries to Child Protective Services that went ignored

Once again I’m in no way down playing or trying to justify the tragedy on June 19th, 2015, I’m just trying to give a full perspective from the experience of an 11 year old kid. When Tre was 11 I went to school to throw a pizza party for him and his class. When I got there he came and told me it hurts when he sits down. When I asked him what was wrong he informed me his mom and her boyfriend beat him really bad. I took him to his principals office where we checked him and found bruises from his back down his leg. We called CPS immediately and when they came out they took pics and took his statement which was exactly what he told me. After she finished I asked was he coming home with me and the caseworker said no. She decided to place him in her mom’s home where his mom would still have access to him. My son cried while grabbing my arm saying to the lady please let me go with my daddy. She told me if you want your son go file custody. The very next I got a lawyer and we filed for emergency custody. On the first day of the hearing the judge said first we had to establish paternity. My lawyer explained paternity was established at birth according to Ohio’s law. In the state of Ohio the birth certificate signed at birth is establishment of paternity and the judge dismissed her argument and gave us a date to appear at the dna office. I showed up and was swabbed, the mother never showed. We went back to court and the judge said he would give her another chance. We all know if the man doesn’t appear to a court ordered paternity hearing they’re going to jail. The second time she still didn’t appear and he punished me and dismissed my case for custody and visitation. Now, you’re going to force this child crying for help to grow up in a toxic inviroment filled with drug abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse and, expect for him to grow up normal. After my custody petition was denied my mom also filed and it was dismissed even after 22 CPS cases were called on mother for child abuse and the system designed to protect our kids did nothing. My fight now is to shed muc light on this until it gets the attention it needs to cause reform. I’ll be speaking at the Congressional Black Congress conference in Sept about the Tre’p Law bill I’m trying to push into law and telling son’s case. I’m so sorry for officer Kim’s death but my only argument is it could have prevented and if we don’t start focusing on solutions there will more officer Kim’s a white or black one and more Trepierre’s but he could be a white from Indian Hill. Mental illness is a crisis and that’s what they need be talking about in city hall instead of keep demonizing my son. I understand people are angry I am to. MY SON TAKEN FROM WHEN WAS A AND ONE TALKING ABOUT THAT. I’ve Attached pics and docs back-up the details I’ve spoken about.


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