Proclamation “Tre Day”

Everyone is asking why did I apply for a proclamation for my son Trepierre. To be clear, my intentions were never to dishonor Officer Kim, but Trepierre is my son and I will honor him regardless of the hurtful choice he made on June 19th, 2015. Tre’s story is bigger than what happened in June and as his father I feel entitled to tell it. I had two goals for applying for the proclamation and they both involved the selfless acts we’re doing to bring awareness and impact of mental illness as a crisis and enlighten the impact of child abuse and trauma on mental illness. See we can continue talking about what happened on June19th and demonizing my son but as long as we ignore what led to the tragedy then they’ll be another Officer Kim and Trepierre but they’ll wear different faces. I didn’t mean to offend anyone by trying to honor my son and the work we’re doing, I’m just trying to, “Add value to his life, And purpose to his death.


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